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Sand washing machine motor common faults and maintenance

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Sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites , gravel plants (sand plant ), concrete hydropower dam site and other industries  .  The machine has  features of large treatment volume, high cleaning , reasonable structure, small power consumption, less sand loss( sand washing process ), and GX series sand washing machine transmission parts are related to water , sand completely isolated , so the failure rate is far much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine equipment ,which  is the best choice for upgrading the industry in the sand washing  machine industry.

 Sand Washer

In the process of using sand washing machine we find that motor failures often affect production ,the main faults are as follows :

1. Stator and rotor core troubleshooting .

Stator and rotor are all mutually insulated by the silicon quartet built ,which is part of the motor 's magnetic circuit . Stator and rotor core of damage and deformation is caused mainly by the following reasons .

a . Rolling bearing excessive wear or assembly bad,which can cause the stator and the rotor mutual friction, making the iron core surface damage,and then causing a short circuit in between silicon-steel sheet,increasing motor iron loss , making the motor temperature rise too high . When application fine file tools such as removing burr, eliminating silicon steel short sub,after cleaning,Coating with insulating paint,heating and drying.

b . Dismounting  the old winding of using excessive force ,which can cause pirates of the slot crooked , and splayed out . At this point, the application needle nose pliers, wood hammer and other tools to repair ,making tooth socket reset , and in the bad reset  the gap in between silicon steel to add green shell paper , wood and other hard rubber insulation materials .

c . Due to other causes of damp core surface corrosion . At this point required a clean sanding ,after cleaning ,coating with insulating paint .

d .  Around group  of earth connection produce high temperature to burn down iron core slot or bad tooth department. Available tools such as chisels or scraper to clean and remove deposited material, coating with insulating paint and drying .

e . Between the iron core and base combinationwith loose , old screw can be tightened . If the screws failure ,which can be positioned at the base station re- drill and tap holes , tightening the screws .

Date: 2009/11/28

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