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Technological Development of Screen Machine

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Vibrating machines are widely used in many industrial and mining company departments, especially in the mining and excavating and processing industry, because the feeding, transporting, screening, dehydration, demedium and crushing of material can use vibrating equipment.

Vibrating machines


In the mining industry and some other industrial sectors, all kinds of mechanical vibration dosage are very large. In the iron and steel industry such as coal production process, all kinds of raw material handling and manufactured in all above 1 billion t, plus the mineral processing traffic volume to reach billions of tons; These handling and processing link needs to make use of a lot of feeding, transmission and sieve grading mining vibration equipment.

In the each link of coal production processing system, a lot of vibrating feeding machines, vibrating conveyors and vibrating screens are used. The use of vibration equipment in coal dressing company accounts for a very large proportion of the total equipment. Due to its important position in the national economy, countries both at home and abroad attach great importance on its research. In recent years, due to the increasing demand for energy and the expansion of production capacity, its production has significant development and the technical advancement also is very fast.

In order to improve its working efficiency, on the basis of improving the structure strength of the machine, some companies even improve its vibration diameter.

Its development and improvement has important role in the development of mining and excavation and sand maker production processing industry, so the development and application of new technology and products is a very important task.

The development of large-sized machine still need further research on the aspect of structural strength in order to improve the reliability during its operation. The research and development of new material and technology, especially the application of high performance material still need to further be enhanced in order to reducing the weight of the machine and improve its quality at the same time.

With the improvement of the requirement of environmental protection, companies manufacturing Raymond mill should do further research on the reduction of the machine noises and take some necessary measures, keep the width and degree of the noise pollution into control. Its development should go toward high technology and efficiency, low noise pollution and energy consumption, fewer accidents and fewer ware and tear.

Hongxing Machinery products have been exported to more than 130 countries and are widely used in global mining and construction industry. Being innovative and perfect is our incessant pursuit, and also our vigor source of energy and harmony.

We will continuously create better products and better services, and always bring more value for our customers.

Date: 2009/11/30

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