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HXJQ:Expand the New Channel and Advance the Brazilian Market

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Brazil, located in southeastern of South America, lying on the east of South Atlantic, with Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and other ten countries bordering, is the largest country of South America.Its land area reaches to 8.5474 million square kilometers. Brazil, one of the world's fastest-growing countries, is an important aviation-manufacturing powerhouse with a reputation as a "football kingdom" and one of the BRIC countries.

Brazil mining

The leaders of five BRICS countries, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and China, held their nineth meeting in Xiamen in September 2017. From long time ago, Brazil and China had very close cooperation which plays an important role in promoting the economic, trade, science and technology between the two countries.

As one of the countries with rapid economic development, Brazil has higher requirements for infrastructure construction, greater demand for mining machinery and equipment, and higher quality requirements. According to the data in 2016, China exported more than 2000 crushers, milling machines, ball mills and other machinery and equipment to Brazilian.The exports of this year rose 20% more than  of last year, indicating that the mining machinery and equipment market demands in Brazil are more exuberant.

sand stone production line

The gravel production line above is the equipment that was sent to Brazil from Hongxing machine on August 28.It was designed by the expert from Hongxing mining machinery company. Each equipment uses wear-resistant steel.Parts of the wear resistance is relatively high, more toughness, reliable in quality.Production process is relatively simple, reasonable, with low energy consumption, high yield, green, environmental protection and other advantages.

In 2017, Brazil accelerated the pace of infrastructure construction.Many sand factories need a large number of high-quality, efficient, energy-saving, environmental protection of sand processing equipments.Hongxing machine has a good reputation, excellent product quality and perfect service levels which  attracted many processing plants.After comparative analysis, many plants are very determined to choose the Hongxing machine.

production factory of Hongxing Machinery

The construction of"the Belt and Road Initiatives"has provided more market opportunities for Hongxing machinery.The cooperation of Hongxing mining machinery company and foreign users is not only a good development opportunity for the enterprise to develop, but also the foundation to promote Brazil and China's further cooperation.

Only continuous pioneering , innovative and proactive can make Hongxing mining machinery company stands out in such a fierce market competition and become a bright pearl on the stage of the world.So the world will witness the strength of Hongxing machine.

Date: 2017/10/26

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