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Cause of The Wear of Ball Mill Liner and The Improvement Measures

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Ball mill is widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, construction, mineral processing and many other fields. The main component that plays a decisive role in the quality of the ball mill is the lining board. Its main function is to prevent the wear of the cylinder body, so it is also one of the most easily worn parts. Now we will talk about the reasons for the wear of the lining and the improvement measures.

1. The cause of the wear of the lining plate of a ball mill

The liner has very good protective effect on ball mill, which can reduce the frequency of the friction of the cylinder, and effectively avoid the damage to the parts of the ball mill. What causes the attrition of the ball mill liner? 

ball mill liner

First of all, the wrong installation method will result in the lack of concentration of the lining, which will lead to fracture;

Second, when manufacturers are making ball mills, the lining material they choose is general, and has shorter service life, shock and wear resistance is poor, naturally, the lining board is easy to wear out.

Finally, the design of the lining structure is not reasonable, which will cause the uneven wear of different parts, the thickness is different, the thin lining plate is very easy to wear.

2. Improvement measures for the wear of ball mill liner

ball mill

<1>. Select reasonable steel ball and liner. The hardness of ball mill lining plate and steel ball should be controlled within a reasonable range. The ball diameter of steel ball should be set reasonably, so as to prevent friction between liner and steel ball and cause wear.

<2>. The selection of the lining material should be cautious, and the material with high wear resistance must be selected so as to improve the wear resistance of the lining plate.

<3>. For the newly replaced ball mill liner, the steel ball with low hardness should be selected according to its properties. After running for 1 to 2 months, when the hardness of the liner is increased, replace steel balls with higher hardness so that the life of the liner can be greatly improved.

ball mill

<4>. Strictly control the installation quality of the lining plate of the ball mill. If the lining is not matched with the steel ball, the lining plate should be changed. After the installation is completed, we should carried out a test to ensure the bolt fastening and the normal operation of the liner.

The lining board of a ball mill has a vital effect on its performance, in order to avoid the unnecessary effect of the lining plate problems on production, the user should select the high quality ball mill equipment.

As a professional ball mill manufacturer, Hongxing Machinery is equipped with high-end technology, rich experience and first-class service level, it provides an important guarantee for the realization of the interests of the users.

Date: 2017/12/10

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