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Let's Say Goodbye to The Year of 2017 and Say Hello to The New Year of 2018

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How time flies, the year of 2017 will past in the twinkling of an eye, the new year of 2018 is coming to us slowly, we should not regret to the past and hope for the best in the future, let's say goodbye to the year of 2017 and say hello to the new year of 2018!

No matter you are happy or sad, harvest or confused this year, we have to say goodbye to those happy days, the lonely nights, the broken promises, and the mess troubles.

jump from one stone to another stone

The effort of one's heart will not be wasted. Let's treat our lives seriously and believe that we will be succeed oneday~

All my dear friends, thank you for your company in the year of 2017, and let's set out together in the new year of 2018.

Looking back to this year, we should desalination the gains and losses, underestimate success and failure, forget about the joys and sorrows. Facing the new year, let's get rid of burden, hold out hopes, activate the power and rebuild our glory!

Let's say thanks to those who have inspired us, touched us, shocked us, and those who have accompanied us, and those who have bullied us or hurt us, it's these people that make us grow up. Don't forget our dreams. Everything will be better!


No matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassing, how helpless, and bitterness, the past will not come again, and can not be changed. Let yesterday take away all the sad, all the tired and all the pain, to live a good moment is the greatest treasure of life. Let's work hard today and tomorrow is full of hope.

The sunshine of this year is about to pass and the beautiful scenery of the new year is coming. Let's reap a new self and have a richer life. In the coming year of 2018, we shall take the steps and walk towards a better life!

Date: 2017/12/27

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