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Keeping Improving and Limiting the Quality Control of Products

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Since the premiere A Bite of China 3, the Zhangqiu Iron Pan which nobody cares before is popular overnight, and whose sales rose 6,000 times year-on-year time in four days only on line of Tmall. "We didn't receive any one around 10,000 orders offline!...Paper becomes expensive in Luoyang, there is no Iron Pan in Zhangqiu."That's the statement issued by Zhangqiu Iron Pan Tmall flagship store.

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The manufacturing is the pillar industry of national economy, Internet, artificial intelligence, automation, green environmental protection, sharing economy, new energy, effect economy...The changing factors of surging economy everywhere changes people's life, infiltrates every industry, influences every enterprise. As for Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd., the constant is the quality in the every changing day. It's the ingenuity of Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s pursuit after excellent quality that leads mining machinery industry continues to move forward.

Coming all the way, Hongxing machinery has introspective precipitation, once faced with plight of life and death, trapped in fave years of decadent period, encountering a lot of quenching and hammering. We still keep rational and sober even if sales are exploding and the results are doubling. "Quality is our lifeline", this slogan is visible everywhere in Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd., but also deeply imprinted in the hearts of the Honhxing people.

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Since 2018, the products sales rebound sharply so that the factory workers don't have pause and continue the normal production during the Chinese Spring Festival, which assures the orders can be completed on time on the premise of good quality. There are four, five signed orders in three days of Chinese Lunar New Year, the good beginning of New Year heraldeds a fruitful year, what's more, a heavy-duty year. On the other hand, the expansion of production scale and the join of new staff, which add new strength to Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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"Strengthening quality inspection and quality consciousness. The supervision of the QC Department is a supplementary function, and whose fundamental duty is to cultivate the staff's sense of craftsman and professionalism. All-round and phased training of staff in vocational spirit must be steadily implemented in 2018."

The management put forward deeper and more comprehensive requirements for employees' mental consciousness at the first collective meeting in New Year.

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Date: 2018/4/18

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