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Be Responsible for Recycling Construction Wastes

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The Ministry of Housing as well as Urban and Rural Construction issued a notice on the Pilot Work of Construction Waste Management, which decided to carry out the construction waste management pilot work in 35 cities like Beijing, etc., as to deeply carry out the socialist thought of Chinese characteristic in a new era, help the "two Mountain theories" construction of "Green Mountains and Green Rivers are gold", strengthen the world process management of construction rubbish.

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The Notice requires the disposal of elimination should be placed reasonably. The using of equipment should be in the right way. The facilities construction should be quickened and the using of resource should be improved. The quality of recycled building waste products should be improved, the application policy of recycled products should be promoted. The Notice as well as requires the pilot areas should formulate Pilot Implementation Programme before April, 2018.

In recent years, some places goes into the construction peak in our country, and the city's face is changing daily. At the same time, the building waste which is the result from a large number of demolition is increasing quickly.

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In fact, the volume of construction waste may be much larger than the public figures.

Some enterprises abandons the building rubbish randomly in a wasteland, except selling the steel bars and other valuable items as to evade payment of construction waste disposal fee, so that it's very difficult to count the actual number.

mobile crushing station

The produced Mobile Crusher Station by HXJQ. can recycle the building waste, which can save the transportation fee and create the conditions for improving the urban environment, standardizing construction site and building the civilized construction sites. The various steel mould and scaffolding parts, which are mixed in the construction rubbish, are screened before the grinder and can be processed again, as well the recycled sand material can replace the yellow sand completely.

Date: 2018/4/20

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