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Hardworking HXJQ Labor in Labor Day

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It's dawn in Zhengzhou at 6:20. Master Li just picked up the paint and brushes to start a day's work, he is the painter in Henan Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. factory, and is in charge of 3 sets of electric painting equipment, he picked up the brush and did the painting by himself. I asked him curiously: Why not use the machine? It's takes time to brush by your hands. He told me that: "These two sets of Roll Crushers will be sent to India and Kazakhstan tomorrow, in which the weather is bad, and the paint brushed by machine is a little thinner, I am relieved to make a fix on my own."

roller crusher

Master Li proudly told me that: "This customer's requirement is high, as well as my skill is better than machine's, I know where should be thick and where should be thin, so as to achieve the customer's most satisfying effect." The hand-brushed paint by Master Li is little thicker than roller crusher machine, more difficult to dry, bigger taste, so he chose at that time when other workers don't begin their work and finished it as soon as possible.

double roller crusher

There is a diligent person makes efforts silently in every ordinary position. Any one Hongxing Mining Machine's completion must have dozens of people's transmission, any a good machine has one generation's guardian without regret.

As Master Li said: I am one of Hongxing Machinery, I add luster to it. No sleeping without regret, a mess without regret, the pungent smell without regret, which all are for a customers' satisfying smile.

roller crusher machine

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. expresses the salute to vast number of workers!

Date: 2018/4/25

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