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Establishing the National Brand and Taking the International Road

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The service industry occupies an important position in economic development, as an up-and-comer, and the industry has an irreplaceable importance in the urban development, as the mainstay of the second industry.

However, the development of industry always accompany with the harm to the environment, so the industrial development seems a little out of tune at the contemporary time of green development as the mainstream.

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At present, the strategic development of "One Road, One Belt" continues to deepen, and the Chinese enterprises are no longer confined to the traditional energy industry, as well as the manufacturer changes from the past simple processing into a design making, and the entire industry has achieved a transformation.

"Going out " is the necessary way to achieve the establishment of the National Brand. Under the new situation, the raising pursuit of environment from the country and the public will put froward higher requirements to the environmental performance of the enterprise products.

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The vast overseas market provides even greater demand, and the production efficiency of domestic mining enterprises is further released. Especially in the presence of hotting competition for the building materials, sand making and other fields in the domestic, "walking outside" may be a new round of development opportunity for many many mining enterprises.

How to seek the fits between the business model and the market needs, which will be the focus of layout overseas market from the mining machinery manufacturers.

ore beneficiation plant

Henan Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. Lets the business philosophy of closing the production line of demand butt joint with the overseas production line, spreads the advanced technology and the production experience, as well as concludes the common and the different for the mining production of domestic and gradually gropes the direction of "go out" and the pulse of industrial development.

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Date: 2018/4/26

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