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Mobile Crusher Comes With a New Innovation Trend

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In the development of an enterprise, the force of innovation has always been and will always inject new energy in the corporation and finally turns into the great competition benefiting it. Thus, the high level of innovation is the key of an enterprise who desires to improve the competition, production and enterprise culture.

It breaks the limitation of traditional crushing industry with the appearance of the forth generation K-serial of mobile crusher basing on the first generation one. In the recent over 3 decades, HXJQ has occupied the top list among the crushing field around the world .

mobile crusher

Meanwhile, there is another credit worthy of mentioning:

HXJQ brand has integrated previous experience, clients' demands with advanced technology to bring more creative ideas in the design of the new generation mobile crusher machine, compared with the traditional one:

Mobile Body Support Device:

During the transportation of mobile crusher, the device could be automatically folded up. With the help of the device, mobile crusher could be thrown into operation work after arriving at the relatively plain site with less cost of installation time,labor and money. Besides, the device could guarantee the flexibility of changing sites on the basis of requirements.

mobile crusher

The first batch to use automotive sparing technology:

In order to solve the problem of the serious rust of the traditional mobile station, K –serial mobile crusher adopt automotive sparing technology, which is known for its film fullness, good adhesion, high gloss, high hardness, but also for excellent mechanical properties, incredible gloss retention, weather-ability, wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance.

Date: 2018/8/6

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