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How to Use Cone Crushers Efficiently

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More and more crushing equipment swarm into market, which raises a question: how to make the best use of crushers as the most important equipment processing stones to improve efficiency?

1. Because different minerals have different features, we can choose to adopt the way of absorbing electromagnetic vibration (electrically-induced stretching, electromagnetically-induced telescopic phenomena and other physical conditions) and use a kind of magnetic equipment to process materials.

cone crusher

2. The material block can withstand the pure mechanical pulse load, whose value is obviously lower than the failure value. The material block may be extruded in the crushing cavity composed of mechanical mechanism, such as vibrating cone crusher; the other way is change pressure of the surrounding liquid or gas medium such as pipes and pressure cylinder, which is a simple and effective method for breaking rocks and materials with various elastic-plastic components.

3. The impact energy caused by vibration at different frequencies or in the surrounding medium of liquid and gas acts on the material, which also results in the softening of the edge of the particles. The tensile stress is caused by the absorption of part of the shock wave at the edge of the mineral particle with various passing capacity.

cone crusher

4. For ores with different thermal volume, thermal expansion (shrinkage) coefficient, or with inhomogeneous thermal properties, thermal processing can be used. In addition to methods above, there may be other ways relied on a certain characteristic and microstructure of the materials. Nevertheless, compared with the most widely-used method of mechanical crushing machinery, some limitations still exist. These requirements are related to the physical properties of rocks and can be accomplished by various crushing ways.

Date: 2018/9/11

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