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Reasons for Long-term Development of Jaw Crusher

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Jaw Crusher is more stable than other crushing equipment. Because its sturdy frame can be maintained under high strength pressure, and the durability and reliability of high manganese steel"s movable jaws, jagged plates, heavy eccentric shafts and large bearings are much greater than the common, which is a key to raising outstanding performances.

jaw crusher

Secondly, Jaw Crusher has some advantages in regulating the discharging outlet: it does not need to add or subtract gasket in different crushing process, but can be completed just by adjusting the machine, with simple and fast installation and operation procedures. What"s more, you won"t find it a technical problem to install on your own, because, Jaw Crusher combining the motor with the crusher and occupying less space than other equipment, not only works well in both underground and harsh environments also is from the influence of slope or height. Based on an accurate balance design, Jaw Crusher is faster and more efficient.

The most outstanding advantage of jaw crusher is its extremely high crushing ratio, and it can be described as all sizes . The requirement for feeding is extremely low, and the power design of the equipment makes the material broken many times, which helps to improve crushing performance of jaw crusher. The work of jaw breaking has already started from the top of the broken cavity. By setting the discharge opening to the minimum, the crushing ratio is increased greatly, while the design of the liner inclination angle makes the material a larger stroke at the bottom of the crushing chamber, thus promote the material passing ability.

jaw crusher

The cost of jaw crusher installation has been largely reduced by HXJQ because balance design of this crushing machine has relived the force of the triangle belt and the support, making the jaw crusher more hardbound than other equipment, with the largest crushing ratio. Whether it"s hard rock, river pebbles or other kinds of ores, Jaw Crusher Machine is able to break perfectly and get the users stones with appropriate sizes.

At present, the company"s jaw crusher equipment has been widely used in mining, smelting, building materials and other industries, for sand aggregates.

Date: 2018/10/20

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