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Drawing Attention to Matters Concerning Operation of Jaw Crusher

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It not only will extend the lifespan, but also improve the efficiency, to use Jaw Crusher reasonably and scientifically. And the following items should be paid attention:

jaw crusher

Preparation Prior to Operation

1. At first, it"s necessary to examine the conditions of lubricant bearings, the connection in the bearing seat and grease, in Jaw Crusher;

2. Check carefully whether all fastening Jaw Crusher is completely fixed.

3. The belt is supposed to be good. And if there is a sign found on it, the belt should be replaced in time. Meanwhile, if a piece of pulley grease is spotted, a clean rag is suggested to wipe it out;

4. To examine the crusher"s protective device, if you find the protective device is too same degree, unsafe, the operation should be put an end immediately.

5. To check whether some broken materials such as ores, fragments and other sundries left in the cavity, if so, those leftovers should be moved out.

jaw crusher

During Operating

1. Examining before Jaw Crusher starts operating is to make sure that its mechanical transmission part is available.

2. To confirm whether the crusher get started under the overload condition.

3. Discovering any unusual conditions when Jaw Crusher is in operation, you have to shut it off immediately and eliminate abnormal conditions before restarting Jaw Crusher.

Date: 2018/10/25

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