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Drying Operation of Cone Crusher

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Dry operation motor of Cone Crusher is easy to get moist during transportation, storage and installation. After the insulation is damped, the electrical strength is greatly reduced, thus the breakdown accident will occur easily when the insulation is directly electrified. So, it"s necessary to dry Cone Crusher preventing that accident from happening.

cone crusher

Here comes a question: which Cone Crusher needs drying? On one hand, the newly-installed motor may be wet during transportation, storage and installation, so it is generally necessary to dry it. On the other hand, when the motor has been put into operation for a long time, it is necessary to get dried, so is when the insulation resistance value is on the decrease.

cone crusher

Apart from this conditions mentioned above, when the motor is out of service for a long time and the insulation resistance of the motor is lower than the specified value due to maintenance, poor service conditions and other reasons, it is necessary to dry the Cone Crushing Machine.

Date: 2018/10/30

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