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Looking for the Smallest and Cheapest Granite Stone Crusher?

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Recently, a friend from South Africa has consulted us with details of the smallest granite crusher on line. And I am going to make a recommendation on a kind of granite crusher in the articleJaw Crusher.

1.      Brief Introduction of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher machine, shortly called jaw crusher, is a kind of crushing machine with an early presence and has still been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, hydropower, transportation, cement and etc to cast primary crushing on all sorts of minerals with the compressive strength lower than 147-245MPa.

jaw crusher

2.       Parameters of Small Jaw Crushing Machine


Feeding Size(mm)


Motor Power(Kw)

Total Weight(t)


150×250 1-3 4P 5.5 0.8


200×300 2-6 4P 7.5 1.2


200×350 3-10 4P 11 1.5


250×400 5-21 6P 15 2.8

3.      Price of Small Jaw Crusher

According to research, a small jaw crusher is sold for 20,000-50,000 RMP (3,000-7,000 dollars). In order to help you to buy a worthy granite crusher, I am here to recommend HXJQ for you, because they not only offer you free on-site installation and testing service, but also they also provide you with free delivery.

jaw crusher

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Date: 2018/12/29

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