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60tph Ball Mill Machine for Iron Ore

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Several days ago, a gentleman from Shanghai tossed his inquiry about ball mill toward us. Here come the details:

Ball Mill Specification:

Material to handle-iron ore

Feed size-0-3mm

Output- 85mesh%


Bond index-17kwh/mt

Liner typer-metal liner

ball mill in factory

According to the requests above, I am here to recommend 2145 ball mill(Ф2100×4500), which is a combination of new technology and ideas, and totally meets various users' needs in terms of structure, productivity and performance. What's more, it could be widely used to grind various minerals such as iron ore, gold ore, bauxite, limestone, marble, steel slag, ceramic, dolomite, cement clinker and etc.

ball mill in factory

1. Parameters of the 2145 Ball Mill

a. Shell rotation speed: 23.7r/min, ball load: 24t;

b. Feeding size: ≤25mm, discharging size: 0.074-0.4mm;

c. Motor power: 245Kw;

d. Total weight: 56t;

E. Capacity: 8.5-60t.

2. Factors Affecting the Capacity of the 2145 Ball Mill

a. Material's moisture. Materials with higher moisture will reduce the capacity of ball mill, because it's easy for this kind of materials to get adhered to the shell;

b. Materials' great hardness and an amount of powder remaining in them;

c. Final requirements on end products.

Grinding Medium

3. Price Inquiry

If you want to know about the further details, click here to talk to our on-line coworker.

Date: 2019/1/3

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