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Manganese Ore Beneficiation Machine for Small-scale Mining In Imini

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On 17th, 11, 2018, a friend from Imini area of Morocco tossed his inquiry towards us about some kind of manganese ore beneficiation machine for his small-scale mining business. According to his description, we learned that he wanted to upgrade the manganese ore concentrate from 20-30% to at least 45-50%.

And I am going to make some suggestions on the manganese ore beneficiation machines in this article. In the case of the gentleman mentioned above, a complete manganese ore beneficiation plant will be need for him, otherwise it will turn out to be hard to get the concentrate updated with only several single units.

manganese ore machine

1. Brief Introduction of Manganese Ore Beneficiation Machine

In order to go with the features of manganese ore to get a better result, I recommend flotation production line for processing manganese ore.

Capacity: 0.18-7(m³/min)

Material: nonferrous metals, ferrous and non-metallic minerals and etc.

Main Procedures

flow chart of manganese ore machine

Manganese Ore Beneficiation Machine at Site

manganese ore machine at site

2. The Other Matters You Might Care about

a. Trustworthy manufacturer

After doing some on-line researching and investigating, I am here to mention HXJQ, a company with over 40 years of manufacturing manganese ore beneficiation machine, where either products delivery or on-site installation service will be offered for free.

b. Quality of Manganese Ore Beneficiation Machine

Old saying goes that actions speak louder than words, we would like to invite you to visit the factory and cast various tests on the products you want;

c. Price of Manganese Ore Beneficiation Machine

We feel like sharing more specific details with you right after getting your messages, welcome to contact HXJQ.

Date: 2019/1/5

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