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How Much Is a Small Stone Crusher Approximately?

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Brief Introduction of Small Stone Crusher

There are jaw crusher, compound crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine and other kinds of small stone crushers produced by HXJQ who will offer exclusive solution according to your requirements. On the other hand, 3-10t/h PE-200×350 jaw crusher from HXJQ, is mainly used to crush river stone, iron ore, pebble, limestone, quartz and etc because of its reasonable structure, good productivity, high efficiency and relatively long expectancy.

PE-200×350 jaw crusher: with maximum of feeding size of 340mm, discharging size of 10-400mm, and capacity of 16-60t/h.

jaw crusher

Small compound stone crusher: with feeding size of 50-100mm, and capacity of 5-100t/h.

small compound stone crusher

Small HX sand maker: with productivity of 22-160t/h and discharging size of 300 mesh.

small sand making machine

Price of a Small Stone Crusher

Stone crushing machine is a kind of mining equipment, and commonly installed in a complete crushing line. When it comes to purchasing a stone crushing machine, most of people will pay the majority of attention to its price, quality, specification and aftermarket service. While, different minerals require different crushing machines, for instance, small jaw crusher could be taken as a better choice for crushing hard minerals. On the other hand, a small HXJQ stone crusher is sold for from tens up to hundreds of thousands dollars. Feel free to talk to us on line for more details if you are kind of interested.

small jaw crusher at site

Advantages of a Small Stone Crusher

a. The technology of small HXJQ stone crushers has been constantly upgraded in order to fulfill more complicated and different requirements.

b. HXJQ stone crusher always sticks to firmly putting product's quality as the first priority.

c. PLC control system of HXJQ stone crusher ensures you to operate, inspect and maintenance equipment itself in a safer and more convenient way.

d. Eco-friendly feature of HXJQ stone crusher offers you a more ideal performance.

e. Before purchasing a small stone crusher, it's better to run some test to find out whether it's designed in a reasonable way and could show a great productivity, which is followed by making an all-round comparison among several manufacturers you are inclined to cooperate with.

engineer inspecting small jaw crusher

In one word, HXJQ offers a variety of small stone crushers, and has been expecting you to throw a visit to the factory.

Date: 2019/1/18

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