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Small Sand Making Machine Moving forward to a New Level

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Enterprise plays an important role in both market economy and technology innovation. And it is strengthened to greatly implement technology-driven strategy and constantly improve even upgrade scientific research system in order to make all-aspect innovations to benefit people to the maximum extent at the Science and Technology Award Conference in China.

On the other hand, Sandstone belongs to one of the most crucial materials for railway, roadway, bridge, chemical industry and etc, alongside with the rapid technology development, and has gradually put much greater and higher demands and standards on sand making machine, which brings a new-type small sand making machine on the basis of the combination of between diverse real-time requirements and technology innovation to fulfill our needs.

Sand Making Machine in Factory

Small Sand Making Machine Moving forward to a New Level

The structure and processing system of the kind of small sand making machine have been significantly changed and ensure the small sand making machine itself to process materials without water stream, which is definitely the meaningful innovation for some places in shortage of water resource.

Moreover, compared with the previous types, this new small sand making machine not only has been greatly optimized to stop those unhappy conditions such as frequent downtime, material blockage, motor failure and others from happening, but also has been simplified in terms of the processing procedures to improve the productivity, not to mention its reasonable structure, large reduction ratio and unquestionable performance.

Sand Making Line

On the other hand, the small sand making machine is eco-friendly. Because an overall sealed device is adopted to avoid materials spilling during the whole processing when materials receive heavy impact force from joint collision to be crushed without touching any metal spare parts of machine. With the addition of some kinds of dust collector and noise-eliminating device, the performance of small sand making machine will be beyond what you are imagining now.

Materials Application

No matter what kind of stone you want to process, the small sand making machine will not let you down. For it could be used to process pebble, calcite, granite, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, limestone and etc. And its capacity ranges from 12t/h to 360t/h.

Small Sand Making Machine for Sale

HXJQ, with 40 years of supplying mining machines experience, will offer you a variety of models of small sand making machine, and would like to invite you to run some real tests on the products you need, as well as makes it to cooperate with friends from at least 12 countries including South Africa, Indonesia, Oman, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Zimbabwe to name but a few.

Inspection on Sand Making Machine before Delivery

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Date: 2019/1/19

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