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Parameter and Price of 200t/h River Stone Crusher

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With the rapid technology development, some fields such as express train, hydropower, railway, building construction step in a golden developing zone, which has also raised greater demand on aggregates, so is on the 200t/h river stone crusher. Recently, more and more people toss their inquiries about the parameter and price of 200t/h river stone crusher on line, so I am going to give a brief introduction about it in the article.

PE-750×1060 Jaw Crusher

Parameter of 200t/h River Stone Crusher

There are two kinds of crushers for your choice: PE-750×1060 jaw crusher, and PF-1315 impact crusher.

200t/h river stone crusher as in PE-750×1060 jaw crusher(mainly used for primary crushing), with feeding size of 750×1060mm, particle size of 630mm, discharging adjustment of 80-140mm, capacity of 110-320t/h, motor power of 8P110W and total weight of 29t.

Jaw Crusher in Factory

Unique features: simple structure, large reduction ratio, great productivity and etc.

200t/h river stone crusher as in PF-1315 impact crusher, a kind of new and advanced stone crushing machine, integrates advanced international technology and real requirements in the market and could be widely used in building construction, cement, highway and other fields to effectively process more moist materials.

PF-1315 Impact Crusher

Advantages: wide discharging adjustment, convenient maintenance, fewer vulnerable spare parts and etc.

Price of 200t/h River Stone Crusher

Price is the most important factor people will take into consideration when it comes to purchasing a kind of 200t/h river stone crusher. Then what makes the price of 200t/h river stone crusher so different in the market?

Impact Crusher at Site

Diverse economy and consumption levels will significantly affect the price. For instance, a 200t/h river stone crusher from a small country is sold for a relative lower price, because less manpower and cost is needed to manufacturing a good-quality 200t/h river stone crusher.

Another important factor falls on the supply and demand in the market, which we usually call general rule.

Thus, I am hereby to suggest that it's better to take various factors into account before deciding to take a 200t/h river stone crusher. And we are willing to offer you solution on line.

Date: 2019/1/21

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