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  • How Much Is a 50-100t/h Jaw Crusher 2018/11/26

    Jaw Crusher, an ideal choice for processing minerals such as Limestone, granite, marble, dolomite, pebble and etc, is often used in the primary crushing among the whole stone crushing line. In the recent day, a client from South Africa has consulted us with “how much is a Jaw Crusher with the capacity of 50-100tons per hour.”

  • New Trend of Sand Making Machine 2018/11/16

    With the continuous development of science and technology, both in the quantity and quality, a variety of products have been improved into a much higher and more exquisite level, which means that China's mining machinery industry should also step forward to this direction: Green environmentally sustainable, large-scale, intelligent.

  • Influences of New Standards on Cone Crusher Exporter 2018/11/13

    The influences of new standards on Cone Crusher are pretty much apparent. In terms of original-material selection, Cone-crusher designing, even the moulds from some manufacturers' factories, are all needed to be reproduced.

  • Drying Operation of Cone Crusher 2018/10/30

    Dry operation motor of Cone Crusher is easy to get moist during transportation, storage and installation. After the insulation is damped, the electrical strength is greatly reduced, thus the breakdown accident will occur easily when the insulation is directly electrified. So, it's necessary to dry Cone Crusher preventing that accident from happening.

  • Drawing Attention to Matters Concerning Operation of Jaw Crusher 2018/10/25

    It not only will extend the lifespan, but also improve the efficiency, to use Jaw Crusher reasonably and scientifically. And the following items should be paid attention:

  • Mobile Crushing Station Unveils High-efficient Operation 2018/10/25

    Nowadays, as the best tool for rock, the equipment must be carefully selected. It is important to know that many enterprises have very high requirements on the processing of this kind of stone which has found a way in many industries. With Mobile Crushing Station opening a new era of high energy, the production of this large equipment is really increasing the degree of operation.

  • Reasons for Long-term Development of Jaw Crusher 2018/10/20

    Jaw Crusher is more stable than other crushing equipment. Because its sturdy frame can be maintained under high strength pressure, and the durability and reliability of high manganese steel's movable jaws, jagged plates, heavy eccentric shafts and large bearings are much greater than the common, which is a key to raising outstanding performances.

  • The Original of Raymond Mill 2018/9/29

    Primitive Raymond Mill is but a kind of product.

  • How to Use Cone Crushers Efficiently 2018/9/11

    More and more crushing equipment swarm into market, which raises a question: how to make the best use of crushers as the most important equipment processing stones to improve efficiency?

  • Hammer Crusher Entitled General in Stone Crushing line 2018/8/30

    It's obvious that the demand for sand and gravel has been on the rise with the increase of national construction efforts. Recently, with the introduction of the national preferential policies, some investors have grasped business opportunities timely and casted more investment into aggregates factories, which offers an appropriate time when some large-scale stone plants begin to emerge. Meanwhile, a question coming behind is how to install a large stone crushing plant.

  • The Status of Sand Washing Equipment in Modern Industry 2018/8/24

    The living standard largely depends on the improvement of industrial production relying on joint and constant efforts from all walks of life. Sand and stone is a kind of important material in modern construction field. And the equipments which are applied to processing the material are called stone crusher and sand washer, occupy the dominant position in modern industry.

  • How Much Is a 120t/h Impact Crusher 2018/8/20

    The 120t/h impact crushers, born in the developing situation of domestic crushing industry, show the following features: large crushing capacity, long life-span, and good wear- resistance, also have being bringing obvious economic benefit to their users after being publicized and operated. Now let's take a look into the cost of the popular impact crusher with capacity of 120ton per hour.

  • Mobile Crusher Comes With a New Innovation Trend 2018/8/6

    In the development of an enterprise, the force of innovation has always been and will always inject new energy in the corporation and finally turns into the great competition benefiting it

  • Four Year Old of No.1 Mobile Crusher 2018/5/20

    21st,May, 2014, first mobile crusher of HXJQ was being produced. During the four years, this mobile crusher is still working for the stone crushing plant, owned by Mr.Liu.

  • A New Wave of Environmental Protection and Great Ways to Make a Difference 2018/4/27

    The requirement of environmental protection is raising daily, it’s obvious that a new round of environmental war is coming.

  • Establishing the National Brand and Taking the International Road 2018/4/26

    The service industry occupies an important position in economic development, as an up-and-comer, and the industry has an irreplaceable importance in the urban development, as the mainstay of the second industry.

  • Hardworking HXJQ Labor in Labor Day 2018/4/25

    It's dawn in Zhengzhou at 6:20. Master Li just picked up the paint and brushes to start a day's work, he is the painter in Henan Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. factory, and is in charge of 3 sets of electric painting equipment, he picked up the brush and did the painting by himself.

  • 250t/h Aggregate Production Line for Samsung Construction Company 2018/4/24

    Processing materials: marble, iron ore Processing capacity: 250t/h Equipment configuration: HX938HD80 mobile jaw crusher station, HX185F216 impact mobile crusher station

  • Be Responsible for Recycling Construction Wastes 2018/4/20

    The Ministry of Housing as well as Urban and Rural Construction issued a notice on the Pilot Work of Construction Waste Management, which decided to carry out the construction waste management pilot work in 35 cities like Beijing, etc.

  • Keeping Improving and Limiting the Quality Control of Products 2018/4/18

    Since the premiere A Bite of China 3, the Zhangqiu Iron Pan which nobody cares before is popular overnight, and whose sales rose 6,000 times year-on-year time in four days only on line of Tmall.