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  • Focus on Customer Demands while Enhancing Product Quality 2012/7/18

    It is well known to us all that customers are fundamental for enterprise survival. There is no exception in the jaw crusher industry.

  • HXJQ:Development Concept in Energy-saving Era 2012/7/17

    They committed to reaseach and develop various energy saving and environmental protection products. Among them, the new energy saving grinding machine, energy saving sand maker and energy saving environmental friendly flotation machine sell well in the domestic and foreign market and highly praise by the customers at home and abroad.

  • Hongxing Emphasizes Customer Needs and Improves Product Quality 2012/7/16

    As is known to all, the foundation for an enterprise to rely on for survival is the customers, and there is no exception for the jaw crusher industry.

  • Business Process Analysis about Hongxing Impact Crusher 2012/7/16

    Our company processes and customizes hammer of impact crusher for customers for a long time. Divided according to the material: high chrome composite hammer, high chrome plate hammers; divided according to customers' need: mosaic alloy plate hammer, impact crusher.

  • Jaw crushing industry has obvious advantage 2012/7/16

    According to the development of the market trend displays ,alll kinds of sand making equipmentsare increasingly improve ,not only in the speices but only in the performance.Crusher machines' trend in the sand making market is pretty optimistic.

  • Introduction and Extensive Application of Ultrafine Crusher 2012/7/15

    Fine crushing machine is one of the crusher, also short for crusher. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has been engaging in the study of ultrafine grinding machine for more than decades, and now it has its own research and development team about 80 employees, hundreds of production workers and its products has been sold throughout the whole world.

  • Long Development Profiles of Crushing Theory 2012/7/13

    Crushing theory is refers to the basic theory of guiding the structure design of crusher. The theory is mainly focus on the research on the factors which affecting the energy consumption during the process of crushing, and ensure the power when crushing material by external force.

  • The Type and Improvement of Main Bearing of Ball Mill 2012/7/13

    Ball mill is the important equipment in dressing equipment and main bearing is the key part of ball mill. Whether the quality of main bearing is good or not will directly affect the operating rate, energy consumption and production capacity of ball mill.

  • Large-scale Grinder is Widely Used in Cement Production Line 2012/7/12

    The major raw material of commercial concrete is cement, at present, the cement production equipment is gradually replaced by Raymond mill. The primary solution of current Raymond mill solution is energy saving, environment-friendly and high efficiency.

  • The Built-in Problems in the Development of Crushing Machine 2012/7/12

    With the rapid development in recent years, the intensity of crusher market competition will have certain impacts on the development of crusher; the continuous exchanges of international trade have great impacts on the acceleration the pace of crusher industry.

  • Hongxing Sand Maker has a Bright Future 2012/7/12

    New type sand maker, also called impact crusher due to its function of further crushing fine material, is not the professional machine for crushing. But jaw crusher is that machine, the crushed material will be further crushed by the new type crusher or high-efficient crusher until the product is finished.

  • The Several Factors Affecting the Price of Grinder 2012/7/10

    As the major industrial grinding machine, the price of the Raymond has always been the focus to all parties. There are great differences between Raymond mills produced by different manufacturers; it is natural that the price of Raymond mill is no monolith.

  • Approaches to Improve the Performance of Crushing Machine 2012/7/9

    During the usage of the mechanical equipment, the pros and cons of the mechanical equipment is directly influenced by the three factors: human being, machine and environment. In order to improve the performance of mechanical equipment, you have to strengthen the management of the human being, machine and environment.

  • Redstar Ore Dressing Equipment Creates New Processing Field 2012/7/8

    The common ore dressing machine including: jaw crusher, ball mill, screening and grading machine, flotation machine, magnetic separator, and dryer. The ore dressing equipment develops simultaneously with ore dressing process, among which process is the dominant and the equipment is the foundation.

  • Technological Achievements Promote the Development of Hongxing Jaw Crusher 2012/7/8

    There are various kinds of crushers: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher, high efficiency and fine crusher, hammer crusher.

  • How to Match a Perfect Ore Dressing Production Line? 2012/7/6

    At present, various types of crushers in the market have been the important part in crusher industry which keeps a rapid development. The type of crusher become rich and varied, the performance is continually improving, and the production scope has been greatly extended.

  • Several Reasons for the Vibration of Compound Crusher 2012/7/6

    As the new type crusher, compound crusher has favored by old and new customers. Considered as the leading enterprise in Henan crusher manufacturing industry, Hongxing Mining Machine has been always in the forefront of the crusher manufacturing. The major object of compound crusher is hard rock and iron ore.

  • Notice for Sand Washing Machines Running in High Temperature 2012/7/6

    The machines also can get sunstroke in the hot weather. However, the just passed rain in Zhengzhou brings us some cool, while it takes some bad situation to the sand washers.

  • The Development Needs of Fine Grinding Machine 2012/7/6

    With the increasing demand for ultrafine material in modern industry and high quality, new ultrafine grinding machine and technology emerge constantly. At present, in many industrial sectors, it is necessary to grind the solid mineral to tens of microns or even to a few microns.