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  • The Next 10 Golden Years of Mining Machine 2012/7/5

    Mining machine manufacturing industry is the important part of manufacturing. In recent years, the foreign-oriented mining industry has been a characteristic phenomenon due to the inclusive growth of products exported to foreign country. The growth of traditional export product such as electric machinery, grinding machine, and crushing machine is higher.

  • Core Equipment in Sand Market------sand making machines 2012/7/5

    Being the core of the building industry, the main two forms of the sands in our country are the natural sand and the artificial sand. The rapidly developing building of the foundation engineering has improved the progress of sand making machines. As is known to all, the reduction of natural sand cannot meet the need of the building industry.

  • High quality Crusher Makes the Urban Construction More Convenient 2012/7/3

    Henan Hongxing has been following the policy ' quality comes first in no case'. Therefore, the products such as cone crusher, impact crusher, and jaw crusher are known as the crusher with Best National Service is brilliant in its conception.

  • The Requirements of Hammer in New Type Hammer Crushers to Material 2012/7/3

    There are many manufactures for the production of hammer crusher, Henan Hongxing Machinery is a veteran manufacture in producing the hammer crushers for many years. The related knowledge about the usage and matters need attention had been analyzed in details, but the related knowledge about the core part of hammer crusher is relatively less.

  • Characteristics of Hongxing FG-24 Type Classifier 2012/7/3

    During the working process, the movement of the gas in the box of the classifier. The gas gets from the first and second air intake along the tangent direction forms the eddy rotating movement. Through the affects of the guide vane, the air flow in the classifier is even and steady. With the help of the classifying vane, the air flow present can rotate steadily, which create the proper condition for the classifying of the particles.

  • Powder Grinding Machine Develops Fast in Low-carbon Environment 2012/7/2

    Powder grinding machine is important equipment in the industrial raw materials and energy production, and the improvement of its efficiency is an important link in the conservation of resources and energy. Nowadays, the mining powder grinding machines have said good-bye to the extensive development stage relying on the advantage of cheap labor and at the price of the environment, and complied to the development tendency of international low carbon economy.

  • How to Choose Crushing Equipment for the Stone Production Line 2012/7/1

    In the stone production line, crushers are the indispensible equipment and also the important material crushing machines. Then how can the customers choose stone crushing equipment in a more proper way? Next, we will analyze it from the following three aspects.

  • Analysis about Growing Trend of Flotation Cell 2012/6/29

    Our research and application of the flotation machine 'boom' hurriedly disappeared since the 1970s; few people focus on this field. As the fine-grained and dressing are difficult, the contradiction between sorting set and separation process is very conspicuous (Our country own high level in pharmaceutical processing and beneficiation process).

  • Grinding Machine Strives to Advanced Level in World 2012/6/29

    The market of grinding machine is very widely such as chemical, mining, construction, water conservancy, metallurgy, coal, glass. The crushers that were applied for the most important application area including cement industry, pave and mining account for 30% of the whole industry.

  • Correct Operational Methods of Raymond Pulverizer 2012/6/28

    According to the different needs of different materials, different sizes and different production, the Raymond mill can be divided into 3 series of high pressure Raymond mill, high pressure overhang roll mill and ordinary Raymond mill.

  • Selection Considertions of the Working Speed of Ball Mill 2012/6/28

    What state of ball mill's working speed should keep will be optimum to improve the efficiency of ball mill? The working speed of ball mill should be dependent on what kind of circumstances:The selecting of working speed of ball mill will on the basis of the following condition.

  • Introduction to the Most Important Facilities in Aluminum Ashes Facilities 2012/6/27

    The aluminum ashes dealt by the aluminum ash concentrating machine as well as the cool aluminum ash without separating can be classified by the choosing aluminum ash ball mill, mixing mill, and other separating machines, until the aluminum ash become the aluminum ingot. Aiming at protecting the environment, the closed ores ash production line is be designed.

  • Working Principle, Formation and Merits of Stone Production Line 2012/6/26

    The stone production line has wide application in the mining, and its performance has reached the internationally advanced level and it is a practical and reliable rock crushing machine, and it is one of the sand and stone machines that is widely used for manufacturing building sand in the sand and stone industry.

  • Sand Maker Satisfies the Quantity Demand for Artificial Sand and Stone 2012/6/26

    The reasons why the third generation sand maker researched and developed by our company are so popular in the market are many. We can tell from its performance and production capacity.

  • Advantages of Cement Enterprises Transforming to Mining Crushing Production 2012/6/26

    In recent years, because of the downturn development of the cement industry, the cement manufacturing enterprises begin to develop from the single cement production to diversified industry. At the same time of fast development, the market competition in China cement industry is becoming fiercer and fiercer.

  • Management Information about Zhengzhou Hongxing Stone Crusher 2012/6/24

    Manganese crusher is the stone crusher or rock crusher used for crushing manganese mineral materials in mining industry. Manganese crusher is used widely in the USA, India, Russia, Malaysia, and European countries etc.

  • Hongxing Dances freely in E-commerce Kingdom 2012/6/23

    In the fast developing society, electronic commerce is gradually becoming the hottest topic in the mining mechanical industry. As the leading company in the mining mechanical machinery industry, whether should Hongxing Machinery embark on the electronic commerce industry? Obviously, the answer is yes, HXJQ not only will participate in it but will lead the whole industry.

  • Structure and Advantages of Stone Production Line 2012/6/21

    Stone production line is widely used in mining and its performance has reached international standard.

  • Eight Tips Help to Extend the Service Life of Sand Maker 2012/6/21

    As a man, being alive is the premise of creating value. Likewise, as for the sand maker equipment, being able to working in a normal state is the premise of creating value. Only by extending the service life of sand maker machine as long as possible can it be able to create more value.

  • Application of bucket elevator in the cement industry 2012/6/21

    With the expansion of the cement industry, bucket elevator has big development in traction components, delivery value, lifting height and its service life.