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  • Hongxing Grinding Machine Helps Your Dream Come True 2012/10/30

    Crushing and grinding are the key links in the mineral processing.

  • Inspection of Sand Machine before Leaving Factory 2012/10/22

    Generally, before sand machine leaves factory, manufacturers will do some 8-hour test run to ensure the normal operation and save unnecessary trouble after packaging and delivery.

  • The Influence of Grinding Material on Ball Mill Production Capacity 2012/10/20

    In what aspects does the grinding material influence ball mill production capacity?

  • Hot Iron Ore Market Leads to the Development of Mining Industry 2012/9/16

    Therefore, the iron ore market development not only drives the development of machinery industry but also leads the development of the crushers and grinding equipment.

  • Reason Analysis that Jaw Crusher cannot Reach Ideal State 2012/9/9

    Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery is the earliest manufacturer to produce mining machine in 1970s. Through unremitting efforts of Hongxing staff, its product quality, production workmanship and product type have taken leading position in crushing, sand making and ore dressing industry.

  • It's Vital to Handle Changing Machinery Market 2012/8/17

    Mining machinery market just looks like a big classroom where there are good students, bad students, lazy students and diligent students. Similarly, ones who can adapt to the life can survive and make great difference. As for mining machinery enterprises, if they would like to set feet in this fild, it's necessary to meet for the changeful market demands.

  • Turning Processed Wastes and Tailings into Treasure 2012/8/16

    Waste, tailing can be seen everywhere in the large mines, it refers to the waste which is processed after the ore exploited in the large mines. But that only limits with the original technical conditions. The new crushers of Hongxing rectify these misplaced resources and turn them into high quality, high-priced engineering materials.

  • Overall Hongxing Crushers At Home and Abroad 2012/8/16

    For mining crushing industry from 2009 it has been stepped into the rapid development period. With the positive government polices, the development tendency is more prosperous. Now the sand resource is very limited, and continuous exploitation makes the sand of interational standard decrease rapidly. Currently basic components for high-end users exported mainly depend on imports. With the increasing exporting business the development of mining crusher industry must be affected and restricted by foreign competitors and suppliers.

  • What Lead the Pendulous Crusher Price 2012/8/14

    There are many factors that affect the price of crusher, such as iron price, mineral price, construction material price, and even the housing price.

  • Sand Making Industry Has Achieved Excellent Results 2012/8/13

    The sand making equipment is an indispensable building material in the engineering construction projects, in order to avoid the mixed poor quality sand caused by the rise in demand in the gravel;

  • An Inevitable Path for Engineering Machinery 2012/8/13

    In the last year, the performance of traditional industry just like engineering machinery pushed by infrastructure went down fast.

  • The Backbone Serving for Cement Production 2012/8/12

    The Cement production line that is a member of Mining machinery manufacture is the base of sigle industrial system for one country, and also is the mark of its industrial strength.

  • Sand Maker Goes all out the Zhengzhou Subway Construction 2012/8/12

    In the process of the subway construction, it cannot avoid using the building sand, and then the sand making equipment comes in handy and plays skills. Henan Hongxing roots in Zhengzhou, in line with historical mission and responsibility of returning to the society, Hongxing sand makers would like to contribute their own force to the subway construction of Zhengzhou.

  • Industrial Restructuring, the Crusher Industry Accumulates 2012/8/10

    In recent years, in support and under the influence of the national policy, the pace of the industrial upgrading of the crusher industry is accelerating in the increasingly fierce market competition.

  • Mining Industry Adheres to Green Low-carbon Development 2012/8/9

    It's obvious that China's industry is rapidly development in the worldwide. Jaw crusher plays a significant role and therefore the crushing industry has become the successful model of China's industrial areas. Now the crushing industry has developed in the directions of energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon.

  • Hongxing Wins the Sand Making Market by Relying on the Strength 2012/8/8

    The core competitiveness is indispensable for an enterprise who wants to keep a foothold in the industry and seek development opportunities in the market which is the only way to prove the firms who have the ability to go farther.

  • Hongxing Professionally Builds the Most Economical and Practical Crushing Equipment 2012/8/6

    The crushing equipment manufactured by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd such as impact crusher, jaw crusher, sand maker, pulverizer etc.

  • Hongxing Equipment Promotes the Long-term Development of Green Energy 2012/8/3

    The rapid development of China mining machinery industry provides more high quality and efficient crushing and milling equipment for the development of coal metal and nonmetal mines and meets the requirements for energy and raw materials of national economic development.