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High Efficiency Concentrator

High Efficiency Concentrator

Charge Amount:1.8-204.6t
Reference Power:5.6-6250t/d
Application Range:Metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, nonmetal ore dressing, environment protection, etc

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Brief Introduction to High Efficiency Concentrator

The design purpose of high efficiency concentrator is to increase the density of ore pulp and clean the useless clarified liquer. Ore concentrate, widely applied in suiyeh factory, is mainly used in the solid-liquid separation workmanship such as lixivium concentrate and waste water treatment. Because its major function is to deal with the ore pulp or gangue, it is also called pulp thickner or tailing thickner. The machine used in the coal beneficiation is also called coal concentrator.

Ore Concentrate

Working Principle

High efficiency concentrator is designed according to the principle that the falling velocity is different due to the different proportion of material in liquid. Generally, it is made of metal board.

The major working feature of ore concentrator is that a certain amount of flocculant is added into the to-be-concentrated ore pulp to make the ore grain form floc sedimentation. Thus the fall velocity is accelerated and the concentration efficiency is also achieved.

High Efficiency Concentrator

Compared with the common concentrator, high efficiency thickner has obvious advantages such as small occupation area, low consumption power and vulnerable parts, large processing capacity and high concentrate efficiency. Its enlarged height-diameter ratio makes the fine ore pulp stay in the machine for a while.

Peripheral Driving Thickener

peripheral driving thickener is made up of rake rack, feed rack, center bearing bracket, current collecting equipment and transmission. The motion and driving force are transferred to the truss hanging target by transmission, making the truss rotate centering on pool and delivering the concentrated products to the discharging port. Meanwhile, the clean water overflows from the pool and is discharged from the circular overflow launder. The transmission of this ore concentrator is more efficient and beautiful through optimization design.

High Efficiency Concentrator

Performance Characteristics

(1) Deaerating tank is added to avoid solid particles adhering to the bubble, just like the sedimentation phenomenon of parachute.
(2) Feeder tube is set under the liquid level to avoid the air being brought.
(3) Feeder sleeve moves down and feeder tray is added, making the ore pulp evenly and stably fall in order to prevent the magic power phenomena from happening.
(4) Internal overflow weir is added, making the material flowing according to certain plan and prevent short circuit from happening.
(5) The shape of downflow weir is changed into sawtooth, thus the suction phenomenon of local drainage caused by the unbalanced overflow weir is avoided.
(6) The linear of rabble blade is turned into curve from oblique line, making the ore pulp move toward rake. At last, the processing capability is increased.

Parameters Type

Specification Concentration pond (m) Deposit square(m2) Harrow part Motor Processing capacity (t/d) Total weight(t)
Model Specification Inner diameter Depth Pond degree Method Height(m) Rotation time(min/r) Driving Lifting
NZS-1 Φ1.8m 1.8 1.8 2.54 Manual 0.16 2 Y90L-6 1.1KW ---- 5.6 1.9
NZS-3 Φ3.6m 3.6 1.8 10.2 Manual 0.35 2.5 Y90L-6 1.1KW ---- 22.4 4.3
NZS-6 Φ6m 6 3 28.3 Manual 0.2 3.7 Y90S-4 1.1KW ---- 62 10.7
NZSF-6 Φ6m 6 3 28.3 Manual ---- 3.7 Y90S-4 1.1KW ---- 62 5.1
NZ-9 Φ9m 9 3 63.6 Auto 0.25 4.34 Y132S-6 3KW XWD0.8-3 0.8KW 140 8.5
NZS-9 Φ9m 9 3 63.6 Manual 0.25 4.34 Y132S-6 3KW ---- 140 7.5
NZS-12 Φ12m 12 3.5 113 Manual 0.25 5.28 JTC752A-44 5.2KW ---- 250 11.1
NZ-15 Φ15m 15 4.4 176 Auto 0.4 10.4J JTC752A-44 5.2KW Y112M-6 2.2KW 350 26.0
NZ-20 Φ20m 20 4.4 314 Auto 0.4 10.4 Y100L1-4 5.2KW Y112M-6 2.2KW 960 28.9
NZ-30 Φ30m 30 7.165 707 ---- 0.61 13.7 Y672A-44 5.2KW YCJ132-S 1.5KW ---- 36.6
NZS-45 Φ45m 45 4.633 1590 Manual ---- 20 Y672A-44 5.2KW YCJ160-S 2.2KW 515 54.4
NT-15 Φ15m 15 3.5 177 ---- ---- 8.4 Y132M2-6 5.5KW ---- 390 12.6
NQ-18 Φ18m 18 3.5 255 ---- ---- 10 Y132M2-6 5.5KW ---- 560 11.6
NQ-24 Φ24m 24 3.4 452 ---- ---- 12.7 Y160M-6 7.5KW ---- 1000 26.6
NQ-30 Φ30m 30 3.6 707   ---- 16 Y160M-6 7.5KW ---- 1570 30.9
NJ-38 Φ38m 38 4.9 1134 ---- ---- 10-25 JZT252-4 11KW Y160M-6 7.5KW 1600 63.3
NT-45 Φ45m 45 5.05 1590 Auto ---- 19.3 Y160L-6 11KW ---- 2400 66.8
NTJ-53 Φ53m 53 5.07 2202 ---- ---- 23.18 Y180L-6
---- 6250 89.1
NT-100 Φ100m 100 5.65 7846 ---- ---- 43 Y180L-6 15KW ---- 3030 214.9

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