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Slag Powder Production Line

Slag Powder Production Line

Grinding slag with slag powder production line is the best way to deal with slag, and one of the most important equipment in the ggbs production line or ggbfs production line is the slag mill. Slag mill, also known as slag mill, is the best equipment for producing fine powder.

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Slag powder is widely used in construction field. It can replace 10-40% of cement when configuring concrete. The strength of concrete can reach above C60, which can increase the life of concrete, increase its strength, and reduce project costs; not only that, slag micropowder can be used to replace part of the clinker in the production of cement, greatly reducing production costs, reducing free calcium, and improving the pass rate of cement stability. Slag micropowder is mixed into cement to improve the overall performance of cement, and the price is the same as that of cement.


Process introduction

First, the large-particle slag is pulverized with coarse and fine-grained particles, using crushing equipment such as jaw crushers; secondly, the moisture of the slag should be controlled for drying, so first use a dryer to dry it; then, the slag that meets the requirements is sent to the micro-grinding equipment by the bucket elevator for grinding, and the mircopowder is sent to the classifier by the airflow for classification. Under the action of the classifier impeller, the material that does not meet the fineness requirements Fall into the grinding chamber and re-grind, and the materials that meet the fineness requirements will enter the cyclone powder collector with the airflow through the pipe for separation and collection, and the finished powder will be discharged through the discharge device.

Production advantage

Can greatly increase the strength of cement concrete, and can prepare super high-strength cement concrete

Can effectively inhibit the alkali-aggregate reaction of cement concrete, significantly improve the alkali-resistant aggregate reaction performance of cement concrete, and improve the durability of cement concrete 

Can significantly reduce the heat of hydration of cement concrete and is suitable for configuring large-volume concrete.


Customer Feedback

The slag grinding production line designed by Hongxing technical staff can fully meet our production requirements. After the technical staff designed the entire production line for us, they also gave a detailed description of the equipment configuration. The relevant installation team of the manufacturer carried out the installation and commissioning of a full set of production line equipment for us. The service is good. At present, the production efficiency of our factory is also good. We are very satisfied!


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