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Stirring Tank

Stirring Tank

Capacity: 0.26–30 m³
Rotate speed: 200–530 r/min
Total weight: 550–7900 kg
Material handling: ore slurry, etc

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The stirring tank is also called aggregate mixer. It is commonly divided into two types, namely stirring tank and agitation vat. It is mainly used for stirring material in flotation process of ore dressing plant.

Stirring Tank

Stirring Tank

The stirring tank, also named stirring tub, is indispensable equipment in flotation process. According to utility, there are pulp mixing tank, elevating mixing tank and medicament stirring tank respectively.

The stirring tank is mainly used for pulp stirring before the flotation process. It makes ore grains suspend and fully contact and mix with medicament, creating conditions for flotation.

The main components: mixing trough, shaft, the motor, transmission device, support and baffle. The stirring tank rotates with the mixing wheel to realize material mixing in the slot.

Agitation Vat

The agitation vat is also known as bucket mixer, mixing barrel or mixing vat. Mixing barrel works with impellers driven by triangle belt. It mixes drugs and pulp fully, increases the reaction time and strengthens drug reaction quality. The machine is suitable for ore selection, also can be used for material mixing in all kinds of chemical industry.

The mixing barrel is suitable for all kinds of metallic ores, mainly used for mixing before flotation and fully mixing medicament and pulp. In addition, it can also be used for mixing of other non-metallic mineral.

The Characteristics of Stirring Tank

1. Compact structure, good sealability.
2. Even mixing, fan-shaped impellers, large contact area.
3. Multi-row nozzles installation, adjustable water amount.
4. Little dust, dead angle free.
5. Advanced performance, stable quality.

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